Why You Should Consider a Standby Generator for Your Home

Why You Should Consider a Standby Generator for Your Home

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Date: November 6th, 2022

Power outages are becoming more common due to weather events and other factors. The worst part of these outages is that our family is stuck at home without electricity. Portable generators can support our essentials, but they are so fuel-dependent that they will only be able to provide for our electrical needs temporarily.

There are two types of generators that you can use during an electrical outage. We can choose a portable or standby generator. Our choice can be based on what you will use it for, which appliances we will need to power, and our budget.

A portable generator is a small power supply that runs on a rechargeable battery or fuel. They come in different models and sizes. This generator is not a permanent fixture and must be manually set up for each use.


Standby generators are installed, so they automatically turn on when the power goes out. They run on fuel, so we should keep it handy in case the power turns off. Investing in this type of generator has the most benefits, especially for safety, security, convenience, and efficiency.

There are additional considerations to factor in, including our comfort during a blackout, our food, water supply, and almost everything in our home that needs power. This is why we need a residential generator as our dependable backup electrical source.

A residential generator is additional insurance in our homes. We should know the frequency of power outages in our area. A whole-house backup generator is needed, especially when we have medical equipment at home.

Here are some benefits of having a Kohler residential generator:

  1. We can live comfortably during a power outage. A Kohler residential generator is more powerful than traditional standby generators. It will be able to support much more than a few appliances during an outage. It will be able to power our entire home, so our family will be comfortable. We can enjoy heating or air conditioning, watching TV, and taking a hot shower. We don’t need to worry about food spoilage, either.
  2. Support during major storms. Many regions in the US are prone to natural disasters, so it is important to be prepared. Having a powerful backup generator is an assurance that our property will have enough electricity until the power turns back on.
  3. Useful in rural areas. Generators are valuable for emergency farm use. Farming will stop when major storms and other weather disturbances happen in our area. A powerful backup electricity source will help gardeners and farmers because electricity is maintained to keep operations moving.
  4. Safety. Portable generators use fuel and release fumes to where we’re living. This risks carbon monoxide buildup that may cause health issues. Fuel can also be dangerous when there’s a fire (candles and light fuses). Kohler residential generators do not release fumes. They are kept outside our home, so the fumes do not build up in our home. We don’t need to add fuel to the generator since it is hooked up directly to our gas line.
  5. Convenience. Portable generators take a lot of effort because they have to be stored when not in use. We have to take them out again once we need them. Standby generators are readily available since it automatically turn on when the power goes out. They are always hooked up to our home. There is no need to store them away.
  6. Easy to salvage appliances, food, and utilities. Without a generator, our homes and possessions are exposed to the environment during an outage. Fridges and freezers stop functioning, HVAC systems shut down, and all devices that need electricity become useless. Cooling or heating leaks outside. Plumbing issues can arise from frozen pipes. These issues can cost us thousands, so having a generator is worth the return on investment.
  7. Standby generators work better in the long run. A standby generator will be able to power our home as long as we need it. There is no need to keep refueling, and there is no need to worry about surpassing the verge of its powerful abilities. Our standby generator will run on our existing fuel supply, so it will never run out of the capability to power our home.
  8. Medical equipment. Life-saving medical equipment is needed by people to survive. This equipment is hooked to our electricity so, in case of a power outage, medical assistance ceases. CPAP machines, chair lifts, power wheelchairs, and ventilators stop during a brownout. If our loved ones are dependent on this medical equipment, then it is advisable to invest in a standby generator.
  9. Other equipment. Fish tanks rely on water filters and oxygenators. Our sump pump at home may become damaged without electricity and cause flooding and water damage.
  10. Security systems. When the power goes out, so does our safety. Crime occurs during power outages because criminals take advantage of the situation. Having a standby generator will keep our family safe while waiting for the power outage to end.
  11. Communication. If we don’t have landlines, we rely on our mobile phones for our communication. But when the battery runs out, we will lose the ability to call for help if needed. We will not be able to contact our friends and family. Having a generator will keep your devices charged and functional.

We don’t expect extended power outages these days, but they can still happen from time to time. This is exactly why we need to be prepared.

Power Systems West is ready to help you better appreciate how a Kohler residential generator will be valuable for your needs. We assure you that we test our home generators methodically for quality control. Each of our generators operates on a commercial-grade engine that can endure heavy usage for many years to come.

Reach out to us to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support you through our state-of-the-art Kohler residential generators!

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