Kohler Portable Generators

The competitively priced die-hard line of KOHLER® portable generators offer power options from (max power) 1.8 kW to 12.3 kW. These portable generators run on gasoline, diesel or LP natural gas. Some units can be equipped with a tri-fuel regulator kit allowing them to run on all three.

KOHLER portable generators are light and compact, so they fit in most cars and trucks. Simply add oil and fuel, and you are good to go.

Portable Generator Selection Chart

Kohler Accessory Chart for Portable Generators


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  • 7 Universal Kits – More than 100 unique configurations
  • Simple Design – Easy to install
  • Unlimited Functionality – Each kit can be transferred to other KOHLER portable generators
  • Mix and Match – All KOHLER kits complement each other and work in tandem – a no need to choose one over the other

Portable Generator Configurations

Kohler offers more configurations for portable generators than anyone else. With seven universal kits and dozens of customizable options, you can get exactly what you need for max efficiency.

Kohler Accessory Chart – PDF

Available kits & Options from Kohler

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