Kohler Towable Generators

KOHLER® towable mobile generators range in power from 20 kW to 500 kW, and are configured for paralleling of up to eight units for maximum adaptability. They come with Tier 2 to Tier 4i engines including the turbo-charged KOHLER Diesel KDI, a Tier 4 Final with lower operating costs and superior or equal power to any rival.

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These towable mobile generators are EPA-emission-certified for non-road use and come equipped with a rugged, DOT-certified trailer. They also include state-of-the-art digital controls, heavy-duty camlock kits, and durable housing. Quiet, dependable and tough, they are available in both diesel and gaseous configurations for prime and standby applications. Whatever your need, we have a hard-working KOHLER® mobile solution for you.

Towable Mobile Generators Brochure

Mobile Generator Includes

  • Easy to remove – just unscrew bolts from the base
  • No external wiring to disconnect
  • Convenient single-point lifting eye
  • Heavy-duty air cleaner with restriction indicator
  • Tanks sized to 24-hour runtime
  • Battery disconnect
  • External emergency stop
  • Adjustable-trip main-line circuit breaker
  • Stainless steel door latches and hinges
  • 110% environmental containment for fuel, oil and coolant
  • Two-way fuel valve easily switches from on-board to external fuel source

The KOHLER® Decision-Maker® 3500 digital controller features user-friendly displays and keypad functions, plus advanced network communications for remote monitoring.

  • Parallel-capable
  • Easy-to-read 4.3-inch LED backlit color graphic LCD display
  • Remote-start and remote-stop convenience
  • Potted circuit boards and sealed connectors protect against vibration and environmental conditions
  • Auto-senses the selector switch setting, eliminating the need to program voltage changes
  • Monitors voltage, current, frequency and power
  • Monitors oil pressure and temperature and coolant pressure and temperature
  • Monitors analog inputs, warnings and faults
  • Monitors EPA-required emissions data
  • Draggable, ruggedized field skid (diesel models only)
  • Two-way fuel valve easily switches from onboard to external fuel source
  • Three-position selector switch (277/480 3 Ph, 120/208 3 Ph, 120/240 1 Ph)
  • Convenience receptacles (two 120 V, 15 A duplex outlets and three 250 V, 50 A outlets)
  • Cold-weather package including block heater and battery heater
  • Reconnectable or selector switch: 120/208 V 3 Ph, 277/480 V 3 Ph, 120/240 V 1Ph
  • Stand-alone voltages: 120/240 V 3 ph (Delta), 600 V

From custom paint and decals to receptacle connectors and fuel tank capacity, Kohler makes it easy to get exactly what you need with custom-engineered specials. Just give us a call and we’ll design a mobile generator that fits your job perfectly.

Portability, and the ability to tie multiple generators together, allow a user to quickly control the amount of power generated on a job site. This is a process called paralleling.

Jobs sites need a lot of adaptability to the needs of any given day. Paralleling allows joining up to eight multiple generators into one power solution. KOHLER makes paralleling easy through its use of specially designed software. To learn more, please Contact Us.

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