KOHLER® Industrial Generator outside medical center

KOHLER® Industrial Generators

Kohler’s lineup of standby and prime power industrial generators come in an extensive range of gas and diesel-fueled models: from 8.5 kW to 4.3 MW. They are rated to operate at 50 or 60 hertz. A full complement of accessories is available for all models to meet most any application:

  • Weather protective and sound-attenuated housings
  • Critical silencers
  • Block heaters
  • Sub-base fuel tanks

Kohler also offers the caliber of automatic transfer switches and switchgear needed for a sound installation.

Industrial Generators Full Line Brochure – PDF
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Emissions Certification

All KOHLER® Industrial Generator models are available with an emissions certification and UL listing direct from the factory. This means no expensive or time-consuming onsite certifications are needed. Seismic certification is also available from the factory for most models.

Engineering Support

Power Systems West has a team of on-staff engineers that can help identify and install the correct individual or multi-set generator solutions for your situation.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Kohler’s new generation of transfer switches are loaded with sophisticated technologies. They have advanced design features for rapid transfer of power to critical-load applications. When the electricity goes down, power is transferred from the standby system within one-sixth of a second, allowing you to continue functioning as normal. KOHLER® transfer switches are available with:

  • Bypass-isolation, service-entrance, non-automatic and automatic configurations
  • 30 to 4000 amps in open, programmed and closed-transition operating modes
  • Simple integrated communication interface using an ethernet or LAN line
  • UL 1008 Listed, CSA and IBC Seismic Certified

The KOHLER® Decision-Maker™ Paralleling System offers a key feature that other switchgear systems don’t: 100% integration. The switchgear can be custom-engineered for emergency or prime power, and interruptible- rate or peak-shaving applications.

Power Systems West has the ability to design a complete, integrated power system with one source of responsibility.

KOHLER® Switchgear is designed for:

  • North American and international specifications
  • Emergency standby or prime power installations
  • Interruptible rate or peak shaving applications
  • Wall and floor mounted configurations

KOHLER® Controllers & System Accessories

The KOHLER® Decision-Maker® generator controllers offers user-friendly displays and advanced network communications for remote monitoring. KOHLER® controls:

  • Feature advanced network communications for remote monitoring as well as adjustable parameters
  • Include programmable software to accommodate future system upgrades
  • Can be customized to your specifications
  • Deliver precise voltage regulation (.05%–0.25%)
  • Include serial Modbus, and has the option for Ethernet
  • Are tested and approved to meet NFPA, UL and CE standards

Also, the alternator protection technology built into KOHLER® controls protects against thermal overload. All this means you can easily manage the simplest functions or the entire operation of a highly sophisticated system.

About Kohler Industrial Generators

Around the world, KOHLER® industrial generators protect hundreds of millions of people and trillions of dollars in assets from the catastrophes associated with lost power. Since 1955, Power Systems West has installed KOHLER® generator solutions across a host of mission-critical and power critical environments. Numerous hospitals, schools, waste-water treatment facilities, data centers, businesses and more have looked to Power Systems West to ensure they were protected in the event of a power outage. Give us a call and see whether our highly skilled and experienced team can help you get the solution you need. You can also visit the Kohler website to view specs and read about individuals KOHLER® generators and power equipment