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Kohler’s lineup of standby and prime power industrial generators come in an extensive range of gas and diesel-fueled models: from 8.5 kW to 4 MW. They are rated to operate at 50 or 60 hertz. A full complement of accessories is available for all models to meet most any application: Weather protective and sound-attenuated housings, critical silences, block heaters, and sub-base fuel tanks.


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Does Your Institution Require an Industrial Generator?

Kohler offers the best solution if you’re looking for a reliable industrial generator for your business, health facility, or institution. At Power Systems West, we know the damage that power failure can cause, so it would be a good idea to contact us to get an appropriate generator to assist in tailored power backup options.

Diesel Generators

Built for the most critical jobs on earth.

KOHLER® diesel generators range from 15 to 4000 kW and are available EPA-certified. There is no job too small, no building too big. You can customize KOHLER diesel generators any way you like with the large variety of accessories. Our generators power up in 10 seconds or less and deliver quality power during voltage and frequency changes. KOHLER’s ease of installation is unmatched — large stub-up areas; easy access to fuel, load and exhaust locations. Our EPA emission certified, industrial grade engines meet the latest emissions requirements. High-ambient cooling means, designed to meet extreme operating conditions. KOHLER PMG Alternators provide advanced short-circuit capability and meet NEMA MG 1, IEEE and ANSI standards. KOHLER decision-making controls available with a variety of controls–basic, advanced and paralleling.

Configured Products:

Gas Generators

Custom made to meet your needs
Unlike most generator models, every KOHLER generator is designed to work precisely for standby, prime or continuous applications. So you know you’re getting the right power and the right power rating—and enjoying huge cost savings along the way. To simplify the installation process — almost every model is available EPA-certified to meet operational requirements on pipeline natural gas. There’s no need to certify or recertify. KOHLER generators meet tough industry testing and quality standards (UL, CSA, IBC, NFPA). Our gas generators accept full load to keep you up and running. Our 1800-rpm engines run quietly and efficiently to extend generator life and provide significant fuel savings. KOHLER gas generator are available EPA-certified, ECM controlled and designed to meet the latest spark-ignited emission requirements.

Configured Products:

Automatic transfer switches & Controllers

Automatic Transfer Switches
KOHLER® transfer switches bridge the gap between loss of utility and standby power. Featuring Kohler designed and built MPAC® controllers, they’re factory-tested to ensure transfer of power from the utility to the generator and back again.




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custom enclosures

Reduce the racket, endure the weather.
If you want to keep the weather out and the noise in, there’s really only one way to go. KOHLER® enclosures are bolstered by industrial steel or heavy duty aluminum and acoustic insulation to protect your investment and keep the noise down. In addition, we coat every unit with Power Armor™ (a textured industrial finish) for heavy-duty durability in harsh conditions. UL 2200-listed and IBC-certified packages are available. Multiple weather/sound enclosure options are available on 10- to 3250-kW generators. Hinged doors, door handles and door holders provide security, protection and easy access for service. Multiple personnel doors and removable panels offer easy access to generator control, fuel fill, fuel gauge, oil fill and battery. In addition, KOHLER eFrame enclosures, designed to house Kohler Power’s largest 2.0 through 4 MW KD Series gen-sets, have been engineered to meet the specific requirements of mission-critical applications – primarily data centers.

What Commercial Operations Require Them?

Many big businesses need to install self-operating electricity-generating systems, including switches. These automated electric systems usually power appliances requiring electricity in case of power disruption, namely, lights, elevators, personal electronic devices, and other complementary electricity-dependent systems like fire emergency systems.

Nevertheless, minor to medium-sized enterprises can also use such power backups to run their programs. Kohler industrial generators provide diverse and customizable power backup options to help firms meet their power installations, manufacturing, telecommunication and information centers, and even power plants’ needs in case of disruptions or primary grid failure.

The commercial settings that require power backup are numerous, ranging from mining, education systems, healthcare facilities, manufacturing, businesses, and military bases.

Choosing an Appropriate Generator for an Enterprise

Industrial power generators have become an integral part of any setup that depends on electricity to run its operations, so the idea of having a power backup in case of disruption is very core to business operations. The task now comes to choosing the right generator package that will handle the power needs of an institution.

Kohler industrial generators offer the particulars required before settling on a power-backup option. Some specifics include the devices that will need to be operated and how much power they will require. Therefore, having a generator is determined by meeting a company’s electric needs. When the power goes out, Kohler generators can keep businesses and hospitals running. Commercial enterprises that use them demonstrate our wide range of industrial generator applications.


The mining industry is energy-consuming and industrial generators are an essential part of the operations therein. Notably, generators provide up to 70% of the power needed in mining activities, making this a convenient target market for Kohler generators’ industrial and commercial entrepreneurs’ needs.

Education Systems

Nearly all educational institutions require some form of power backup to support continuous learning. Educational facility power needs are based on the fact that digitized learning environments require electricity to run various devices. Properly organized academic facilities have generators to pick up whenever a power outage occurs; this is needed since time is a significant resource in studies. Apart from that, the safety of students also depends on power availability and quality education, which are the most valued services from an instruction setup.


The medical care sector features a delicate system where many devices run exclusively on electricity. Various medical devices and methods are used daily to help diagnose, support patients’ lives, or run operations like surgeries and hospital drug management systems. Furthermore, some hospital equipment requires electricity, such as oxygen pumps, surgical lights, and patient monitors.

These electricity-dependent devices and setups make electricity a vital component of a hospital system. Otherwise, many things can go wrong in a power failure, resulting in avoidable consequences.

In hospitals, generators are universally installed to provide backup power and continuous electricity in case the central grid fails. Kohler generators’ industrial applications ensure that healthcare facilities have a whole diesel-run generator with the capacity to run integrated hospitals for at least eight hours.


The basis of manufacturing is to increase the production of goods per unit of time. A network of equipment usually runs the whole production process, making it energy-consuming. Electricity, a popular energy source for industries, makes the manufacturing sector an essential industrial generator target market.

Minor power disruptions can not only lower production rates but may also result in poor production. Besides, it is necessary to realize that the production line of every manufacturing facility must be operational throughout the production period. A Kohler industrial generator will provide a reliable emergency power supply in case of blackouts and help prevent production losses.


Electricity failure can cost commercial businesses to lose revenue if they do not have a power generator to offer backup. This interruption results in the termination of daily business ventures directly linked to a company’s productivity. Using Kohler generators for power backup options for your business enterprise will ensure such events do not occur.

Power outages are also similar to schools forming a safety hazard environment in an emergency. Additionally, installing an industrial generator to meet businesses’ power needs will prove more economical in the long run.

Telecommunication and Data Centers

With the constant shift of businesses and various enterprises to the digital platform, more and more data is shared and stored online, giving rise to telecommunication and information center service providers. For all telecommunications-attached devices to function, electricity is required to power them.

Devices like computers in cloud storage data centers, data processing centers, banks, and information technology industries need some form of interconnectedness and data storing servers to be operational. This convenience of connection and data storage powered by electricity provides an operating environment free of interruption. With a reliable power backup, such institutions do not have to worry about any data flow hiccups.

Kohler industrial generators will provide reliable power backup services to the telecommunication and data center industries. So that even after an interruption in the power supply or a power grid failure, the generators will automatically start and provide electricity.


Defense is a matter of national security, and any risk to its operations proves dangerous. The defense sector requires power for various reasons, from communication to powering combat devices like satellite phones. Some of the dangers could involve power outages at the main military bases. Apart from that, remote military camps all require generators to run their operations efficiently, ensuring national safety.

Power plants

In an emergency, power generation plants may also require generators. As a result, power suppliers with diesel generators are on standby for power production. Kohler offers high-end diesel generators that have the magnitude to provide power stations with appropriate generators. The diesel generators can be used until the power fault is corrected.

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