Types of Generators

Power Systems West is the authorized KOHLER® Generator Distributor in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado and Utah. We sell and service all types of generators in virtually any location. We can even provide custom-designed solutions for large projects requiring a certain level of power generation.

KOHLER® Generator solutions are comprehensive, with complete lines of industrial, home, standby, mobile, marine and portable generators available for any need. Below are some details about each generator type.

Why Kohler Generators?

  • Family-owned
  • Customer-first mentality
  • Most reliable power supply partner in the market today
Industrial Generators

KOHLER industrial generators are available in diesel or gas and provide dependable performance and flexibility in big or small applications.

Towable Generators

KOHLER towable generators have propane engines and come with DOT-certified trailers that can tow power anywhere it is needed.

Marine Generators

KOHLER marine generators include compact gas models and larger diesel models for use on pleasure and commercial watercraft.

Residential Generators

KOHLER residential generators run on natural gas or propane. A residential generator is installed outside a home to provide power in case of an outage.

Portable Generators

KOHLER portable generators come in a range of sizes and options to serve a variety of power needs. They can also be paralleled, with up to eight generators connected for a powerful, stable power solution.