5 Advantages of Home Generators for Power Outages

5 Advantages of Home Generators for Power Outages

Category: Kohler Power

Date: October 20th, 2022

A power outage is considered one of the most disconcerting and inconvenient situations homeowners face. There are several reasons that can lead to the loss of power in the home, including heavy winds, powerful storms, heavy rains, and more.

When these situations happen, that electricity can likely be gone for hours and even days. However, there is an efficient solution to this problem, which involves using generators. Residential generators provide an alternative yet effective form of power. Each home should consider investing in a residential generator.

While most home generators can supply power to certain circuits of the home, well-designed generators have enough power for the whole house. One can choose from different types of generators depending on the purpose.

Home generators vary in the quality of parts, the fuel they consume, and the time they take to age. Therefore, one should be very cautious when choosing the type of generator to use in their home. Let’s look at the advantages of generators in a home setting.

Safety and Comfortability During Emergencies

Home generators are one of the most effective ways of getting back to your routine as quickly as possible. A power outage would ruin their activities almost immediately for most people who spend nearly all of their time at home. They will not tend to their duties and engage in their daily activities as they used to. However, when one has a home power source, such as a Kohler whole house generator, one will have the opportunity to stay put in their house.


Avoiding Damage in the Home

Most equipment in the family home is run by electricity, and they need electricity to keep functioning well. During a power outage, a home generator allows all-electric equipment in the home to keep working. The likelihood of your home being damaged without a working generator is quite high. For instance, in the winter, most homes will be colder than usual without a proper source of heat. Those with health conditions are more likely to fair badly.

The mold makes the house’s walls more likely to be damaged. A lack of power for a few days will destroy all the food in cold storage. A generator allows your sump pump to keep working. This helps to prevent possible flooding in your home when there are heavy downpours or snowstorms. When one is in possession of a generator, they can easily keep most forms of damage away from their homes.


Add Value to the Home

Depending on the type of generator one intends to own, it can effectively add value to the home. For instance, Kohler residential generators have been designed to last much longer than normal generators. They have been engineered to consume less fuel while producing efficient electricity to power the entire house with all its equipment. In that case, by owning such a generator, the value of your home will rise considerably.

Typically, a generator owner will wish to receive the most benefit from one that powers the whole house. Therefore, the choice of generator is an important aspect of a home. When selling your home, it is very likely that a house with a quality fitted generator is more likely to attract well-meaning tenants than houses lacking generators.


Peace of Mind

If you have children or other family members at home, you may be worried about their well-being if disaster strikes. You don’t want to think about how they’ll do if the power goes out in the middle of winter while you’re away. A standby generator will help give your family power during tough times and let you rest easy. Peace of mind also circles back to those who have health complications. When the power goes out for days, it will be impossible to call for help in case a need arises. Security systems will stop working, and phone systems may die down. In that case, by having a reliable home generator, one will have total control of the situation, which results in peace of mind.


Maintain Air Quality

Most homes have installed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure that the air they breathe is pure and clean. When a power outage occurs, the HVAC system stops running, so the home air is contaminated. Gradually, pollen, dirt, and dust will find their way into the home through open doors and windows.

Therefore, by installing a home generator, families will be allowed to maintain the air quality in the house. Fresh air will contribute to the comfort of those suffering from severe allergies. Also, the air quality is maintained by preventing refrigerated food from going bad. Finally, mold will be eliminated from the air allowing everyone to live comfortably.

If you are looking for a home generator, it is best to conduct thorough research on all the available options. It will be best to consult with different companies that would present you with a list of all its generators. Those looking for a generator that can last would do well to visit Power System West and learn more about their options.

They outline the three best reasons why you should choose Kohler generators. Some of these reasons include being the most efficient and cost-effective, having certified dealers, and finally, delivering the best experience.


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