Stars In Safety

Stars in Safety

Date: December 30, 2020

Subject: Stars in Safety

Below is information on our Stars in Safety Program which includes steps you can take to help recognize our teams for a job well done as they maintain a safety-first mindset.

We are asking for your help in letting us know when one of our employees goes above and beyond on behalf of safety and deserves to be recognized.  

Please submit a nomination for the PSW Star in Safety program by completing the Form at the bottom of this article!  Thank you for your help in building a culture of safety.

Submission for Stars in Safety

Power Systems West has a long history of safe work practices built into our culture. Safety is a key value to us as we strive to get better every day. Recently we celebrated our second full year without a recordable injury. We realize the enemy of safety, like many things in life, is complacency. Therefore, our team continually strives for excellence and understands that our focus on safety will allow us to get better every day.

The Power Systems West safety program is designed to perform detailed timely incident reviews with our EHS team and leadership. We have a process that we follow diligently. Together we also review all our near-hits and learn from them, putting procedures in place to prevent them from happening again. Our goal now is to take this one step further and recognize employees by highlighting safety excellence. We feel the more we look for excellence, the more we are going to find it and be able to share it. Intention is a powerful tool.

This is easier said than done with 40 field technicians working remotely. Applying common sense to work safely and taking extra steps to prevent any type of unsafe incident from occurring is even more important when working alone. Our service teams are trained to be responsive to problems and are committed to fixing them in a timely manner. However, with safety, responding to something that is a problem can often be too late. We believe that a proactive approach in recognizing safe behavior as it occurs builds a safe work environment and strengthens those behaviors.

We recently launched a new safety program, Stars in Safety. This program is meant for our customers and industry partners to help us recognize safe behaviors from our work force, to recognize those individuals who are going above and beyond to work safely so that we can build on those behaviors.

We are asking that when you see an act which you feel goes above and beyond on behalf of safety, that you report it to us. We will be updating our email signatures to include an internal QR code which you can scan to complete a brief submission form. Another option includes our website where you will find a link to a quick form to fill out to recognize our employees. Below are some examples of qualifying ideas for Safety Star recognition.

Thank you for partnering with us as we work toward leading the industry in safety and keeping all our valued employees safe!

Example Actions to a Star in Safety:

  • Employee is witnessed coaching another team member on a safer way to do a task.
  • Recognizing that something someone is doing is unsafe, then reporting that act even when it’s not the easy thing to do.
  • Employee encourages another employee to report an unsafe act/condition that the employee was not going to report.
  • Employee witnessed for practicing – See something. Say something. Do something.
  • When excellent communication is exhibited and used to help manage the safety concerns that arise from trade stacking.
  • An employee who sees something unsafe that is not in their scope of work but reports it to their supervisor (watching out for the customer and other trades).
  • Reporting a good catch.
  • Innovations.
  • Addressing COVID concerns.
  • An employee who is consistently mentoring others regarding safety in the workplace or has a positive attitude towards safety and housekeeping and helps others.
  • An employee who consults with our safety team or the customer’s safety team on a regular basis and will stop work to ensure work is conducted safely.
  • Employee consulting with supervision and/or safety to look at work before work begins.
  • Employees consistently wearing PPE, positive attitude, constructively addresses hazards observed, looks out for others, completes PTP or lends a helping hand.

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