How to Prepare Your Generator for Hurricanes and Severe Weather

How to Prepare Your Generator for Hurricanes and Severe Weather

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Date: December 6th, 2022

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This quote by Benjamin Franklin has been used a lot to keep us on our toes in many aspects of our lives. But did you know you can use the same quote to stay prepared in case of a power outage? In this age of climate change, we have seen many natural disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more lead to power blackouts. So, it’s only safe if you are fully prepared to deal with the cards that mother nature throws at us. One way to stay prepared is to ensure that you have a backup generator, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. Today we are giving tips on preparing your generator for hurricanes and bad weather.

Prepare in Advance

You want to ensure that your home has the bare necessities covered. To be on the safe side, make a physical list of the items and appliances you want to be powered on in case of a power outage. You also want to ensure that your generator can power all of them. If you stay with others in your home, show them how to operate the generator safely if they are able. Ensure they can physically get to the generator with ease. Have a professional electrician install a transfer switch. This will make switching from utility power to a generator quick. Staying prepared will assure you that you can sustain your home in case of a power outage. It’s also good to stay ready because who knows when.


Catch Up On Maintenance

Have you been neglecting your generator for a while? Now is the best time to turn it on and take a test to ensure that everything is working properly. Perform maintenance as described in the owner’s manual or the generator manufacturer. If you stick to the schedule, chances are that you will be fine in the future. If your generator doesn’t even start, check here for a list of common reasons it may be having problems. If you need to order spare parts, tune up your generator, or get any repairs done, now is the best time to do that, not when the power is out. You’re sweating buckets and getting feasted on by mosquitoes. Great generator brands like Kohler have clear maintenance instructions, so if you follow through well, this should not be troublesome.


Stock Up On Fuel

If your generator runs on propane or natural gas, you won’t have to worry about your fuel supply going bad. But make sure you have enough fuel on hand to power your chosen appliances for a few days. If your generator runs on gasoline, ensure you have enough on hand and it is fresh – within 30 days of purchase. Old stale gasoline may not do well in your generator. It can lead to problems down the road, like gummed-up carburetors. Make fuel stabilizer your friend. It helps keep your gasoline fresher for longer. It is always a good idea to keep some extra oil on hand.


Have a Place for Your Generator

While your generator might not require you to get out the decorative pillows, it’s always a good idea to ensure it has a designated area to run in case of a power outage. Ensure this area is easily accessible, clear of foliage or other obstacles, and that the generator is not exposed to rain. Well, as we know, water and electricity don’t get along well. Ensure the exhaust pipe cannot get blocked to avoid any inconveniences. Housing your generator will make sure it serves you well when the need arises.


Regularly Test and Maintain Your Generator

Run your generator at least once a month to ensure everything runs smoothly. Plug in a couple of loads and run your generator for at least 15 – 20 minutes. This keeps your generator in its best shape and will help you familiarize yourself with your generator. This means you will be confident and ready to handle the worst storm season can throw at you. It also ensures you are not caught off-guard when a power outage occurs. If you get yourself a Kohler generator, this will be an easy task for you because its instruction manual has clear instructions on how to maintain it.


Generator Safety Tips

Use the following tips to ensure you are safe when using a generator during a hurricane.

  • NEVER run your generator indoors or within 20 feet of doors or windows. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a poisonous, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas.
  • ALWAYS make sure the generator is dry. This is because operating in the rain or standing water can cause electrocution. Thus, the need to have a place for your generator.
  • DO NOT refuel the generator when hot. The gasoline or diesel spilled on hot engine parts could ignite.
  • Store the generator fuel in an approved safety can. Ensure you use the fuel type recommended in the instructions or label on the generator.



These tips will ensure that your generator is well-prepared to handle hurricanes or bad weather. The tips are simple and easy to use. Hence, when followed through, it will come in handy when you need it. Whether you have a standby generator or a portable generator, these tips will serve you equally.

If you are considering buying a generator, we recommend Kohler generators. Kohler generators have been around for a while, and their quality is unmatched. Get in touch with Power Systems West, an authorized Kohler distributor, to get started on your generator inquiry process. Power System West has offered backup power solutions across seven Western States since 1955. With this experience combined with Kohler power generators, you are sure you will be getting a good deal. Talk to us today about all things Kohler generators, from installation to maintenance!


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