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6 Industries That Will Benefit from a Backup Power Generator

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Date: October 15th, 2022

Whether the power shutdowns in your area are frequent and long-lasting or not, it’s safe to equip your business with a backup generator to avoid any issues. It will help ensure your business is prepared for the worst when it happens and that there are no disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

While all industries can benefit from a backup power generator, here we have listed six of them where having a backup power generator is inevitable.

1. Communications

Data centers and computer servers store huge amounts of data and offer maximum uptime warranties to their clients. In fact, they have service-level agreements with some of the world’s top companies. They need a reliable electricity source to ensure the information is available 24/7 to avoid inconvenience and penalties for breaching their agreements.

With power outages literally locking them out of their servers and rendering important data inaccessible, electrical downtime can be disastrous in this industry. Therefore, data centers must invest in high-end power backup systems for their sustenance. For instance, a Kohler backup generator can offer reliable backup power during an outage. Data centers might need multiple standby generators operating simultaneously to support their load and keep the servers running. But the number depends on the size of the data center in question.


2. Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

Hospitals and healthcare centers can’t afford long hours of power outages today, especially with sophisticated equipment and life support systems requiring continuous power supply 24/7. Emergency power backup is vital for healthcare facilities and hospitals as it affects every aspect of patient care. From performing critical operations in the ER rooms to providing life support in the ICU, healthcare facilities need standby power generators to keep patients breathing and save lives.

Besides requiring power backup for life support equipment, healthcare facilities also need backup electric power to keep their standard office equipment, like computers, operational throughout the day. It will help avoid any inconvenience for their staff, patients, and caregivers. Therefore, having an onsite backup power generator is vitally important for these facilities.


3. Oil and Gas

Time is invaluable for businesses operating in the oil and gas industry. During a power outage, they lose revenue with every second that goes by. But there’s more to the story. Drilling for gas or oil requires their teams to travel to remote areas without access to electric power. In such scenarios, drilling teams use large generators to power their oilfield equipment. They can rely on natural gas generators to create power by capturing gas escaping from the wellhead and fueling the generator with it. Ideally, they could have additional diesel generators as a backup for the power system. These isolated environments usually have surprisingly high power requirements to carry out larger operations that would otherwise be impossible if you didn’t have a reliable backup power generator.


4. Utilities

It may sound strange, but utility providers need a backup generator like everyone else. In order to provide gas, water, and other utilities, electric motors work in the background to keep things moving. Furthermore, the pumps used to move waste through a water treatment plant also rely on a consistent electric supply to keep working 24/7. What might be even more surprising for you is the fact that a sudden power outage can cause equipment failure and quickly turn into a catastrophic environmental disaster. To avoid such a disaster, a backup power generator is more of a necessity for this industry.


5. Agriculture

The agriculture industry has come a long way forward from where it used to be a few years back. The use of technology in agriculture has changed things quite a lot, from conventional farming to modern-day agriculture. Indoor farming in commercial warehouses throughout the year calls for huge amounts of electric power. Quite often, utility power supply fails to meet the needs of these commercial farming facilities, and electrical upgrades are next to impossible. Furthermore, limited availability and high electricity costs have made backup power generators a must-have for the agriculture industry. The use of electric power for irrigation pumps, air circulation, fans, cooling, lights, computing, and controlling climate has increased the power requirements of indoor growing facilities. Therefore, having a backup power generator is inevitable.


6. Manufacturing

Electric power drives the manufacturing industry, and a lot of processes rely on a consistent power supply to keep the manufacturing processes running. From sensitive microprocessors and precision chemistry equipment to the brewing process for beers, companies can’t afford their automation equipment to stop in the middle of the manufacturing cycle. Power outages in the middle of these processes can lead to a serious loss of time and money. Sometimes, it may even damage your manufacturing equipment.

Large-scale manufacturing facilities need multiple megawatts of backup power to keep the manufacturing processes running and the equipment operational. It will help them meet their manufacturing targets monthly while also ensuring their equipment works optimally. Therefore, businesses in the manufacturing industry must invest in a reliable backup power generator for sustainable growth.

Electric power has become part and parcel of life in the modern day and age. Using advanced technologies and equipment in different industries calls for an uninterrupted power supply to keep them operational at all times and get the maximum yield. Investing in a reliable power source, like a Kohler backup generator, always pays off.


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