KD2500, 60 HZ

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    Kohler Industrial Diesel Generators

    KD2500, 60 HZ

    • Standby Range: (kW/kVA)2250-2500/2812-3125
    • Prime Range: (kW/kVA) 2050-2270/2562-2838
    • Fuel Type: Diesel
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Speed: 1800 RPM
    • Alternator Type: Brushless, Permanent-Magnet Pilot Exciter
    • Engine Manufacturer: Kohler

    Kohler KD2500, 60 HZ Industrial Diesel Generators

    Diesel generators are robust, rough, and durable enough to manage multiple functions and needs, and the Kohler KD 2500 is a high-quality, heavy-duty industrial diesel generator. There are many reasons why KD 2500 diesel generators can be used, including in emergency preparedness, construction works, data center standby power, mining activities, schools, and healthcare backup.


    Standard Specifications for Kohler KD 2500

    The KD 2500 model carries the generating system and accessories from a single source. Correspondingly, the Kohler industrial generator package is assembled, analyzed in depth, manufactured, and tested in the original plant, where the manufacturer complies with all required standards.

    For instance, the 60 Hz generator complies with the renowned UL 2200 listing specification needs. The Kohler diesel generator accepts the rated load in one step, ensuring maximum power output. Besides, the generator comes with a year-long limited warranty that ensures all generator components. Additionally, it comes with two-year and five-year extended warranties options.


    Additional KD 2500 Specifications

    Kohler KD 25000 has alternator protection to prevent and clear up any internal stator faults. It also comes with an oil drain extension feature that ensures easy oil change of the whole setup. Additionally, the KD 2500 model contains a battery rack and cables to connect components to the required power supply centers easily.


    Alternator Specifications

    This diesel generator has superior short-circuit capability provided by the pilot-excited, permanent magnet (PM) alternator. It contains brushless, rotating-field alternators and complies with NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI standards for temperature rise and motor starting.

    It supports sustained short-circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for up to 10 seconds while offering short-circuit current sustenance, which allows downstream circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field.

    Importantly, this generator has proper airflow and drip-free construction. It offers a sophisticated voltage waveform produced by a stationary component with a two-thirds pitch and a tilted rotor. It has a brushless alternator that provides excellent load response with a brushless pilot exciter.


    The KD 2500 controller specifications

    The KD 2500 has an APM802 Controller, which offers advanced control, system evaluation, and diagnostics for proper functioning and compatibility. It has quick local data access thanks to the graphic display’s touch screen and menu control. Besides, it is possible to measure in either metric or English units.

    • Has language-changing capabilities.
    • It has a flash drive, mouse, and keypad ports for connecting peripheral devices.
    • A flash drive can store electrical data, mechanical data, and system settings.
    • It has an ethernet port that connects to a PC or an Ethernet switch.
    • The controller supports the Modbus RTU and TCP protocols.
    • It has NFPA 110 Level 1 capability.


    Standard Features of The Kohler KD 2500

    This generator comes with filters for Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV). It possesses a customer connection while having Grease Extension for Fan Bearings. It has a water/fuel separator and a generator heater.

    • Switch for Local Emergency Stop
    • It has an extension for  the Oil and Coolant Drains
    • Documentation for Operation and Installation
    • Under the Skid Spring Isolation


    Sound Enclosures and Subbase Fuel Tank

    • The lift base or tank-mounted enclosure has internal exhaust silencers.
    • Each enclosure has a sloped roof to prevent humidity and particle buildup.
    • Acoustic casing, acoustic-lined air inlets, and an acoustic-lined air discharge reduce noise in this sound-attenuated enclosure.
    • Resistant to fading, scratching, and corrosion textured finish on Kohler Power Armor.
    • Comprises acoustic casing that meets UL 94 HF1 flammability classification.
    • The enclosure has big entry doors, which are hinged and detachable, allowing for easy maintenance.
    • Incorporates lock, flush-mounted door latches.
    • Rain and snow-proof by using air inlet louvers.
    • High wind bracing, 241 kph (150 mph).


    Kohler KD 2500 Subbase Fuel Tank Features

    This Kohler generator comes with the Power Armor Plus textured epoxy-based rubberized coating that protects its fuel tank. The above-ground secondary containment tank is mounted directly to the generator set beneath the generator set skid (subbase). Emergency relief vents are UL-listed on both the inner and outer tanks.

    The confinement tank’s design prevents fuel leaks or bursts. The external (secondary) tank completely encloses the internal (primary) tank. If the inward tank trickles, the exterior tank houses the fuel. Importantly, the secondary containment subbase fuel system complies with UL 142.


    Top Features of Kohler Industrial Generators

    They are Futuristic and Dependable

    With several years of engineering experience in our hands, our futuristic G drive engines in the Kohler industrial generators offer a durable service that lasts long while providing continuous power supply. We devise, examine, and place every single part on our own.

    The computerized quality-ensuring combination monitors every progressive manufacturing step of advancement from the initial production sections all the way to the whole lifespan of the generators, guaranteeing Kohler KD 2500 strict compliance with quality.

    Reputable and Accepted

    The KD 2500 model is designed for versatile generator settings, whereas the engine combines unmatched perseverance with improved performance. It can easily attain up to 43.5 kW per liter. At the same time, it carries a pair of closely packed engine form factors vis a vis the kilowatt production, thereby delivering unparalleled robust power density. Besides, it is good to note that all Kohler industrial generators possess sturdy industrial analysis and excellent standards (UL2200, CSA, NFPA).

    KD 2500 Delivers Even Operation

    The Kohler industrial generator G-drive engines operate uniformly, quietly, and with minimal vibration; this applies even in harsh operating situations, thereby leading to an extended lifespan while delivering cost-effective power supply operation.

    Peak Performance

    Comprehensive Kohler diesel engine design, fuel supply system, and engine functioning are for exceptional performance. Besides, the Kohler industrial generators fuel system, which employs a common rail approach, generates through to 2200-bar administration pressure for optimal performance, powering up the combustion pressure arc via multiple injections.

    The KD 2500 bar administration feature leads to top-notch industrial kilowatt displacement in a size that ensures a minimal generator footprint. While at the same time offering some of the best fuel efficiency at more nodes compared to any other competitors in the same category.

    The Kohler diesel generator’s modular system enables it to scale different numbers of components tailoring it to meet the power needs required for a system. The approach to stick to standardized and fewer parts gives room for lesser spares in field setups. The standardized pieces minimize the expenditure and reduce the repair periods, saving time and money. The Kohler KD 2500 Series generators possess tight controls for smooth communication and provide remote observation through a network connection. The KD 2500 generator has easily accessible bearing-lubricant application points, and coolant optical gauges fixed on both circuits. And an oil addition system ensures the generator operates and provides energy superbly.




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