Kohler KD2000, 60 HZ Industrial Diesel Generators

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    Kohler Industrial Diesel Generators

    Kohler KD2000, 60 HZ Industrial Diesel Generators

    • Standby Range: (kW/kVA)1990-2000/2488-2500
    • Prime Range: (kW/kVA) 1810/2260
    • Fuel Type: Diesel
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Speed: 1800 RPM
    • Alternator Type: Brushless, Permanent-Magnet Pilot Exciter
    • Engine Manufacturer: Kohler

    Kohler KD2000, 60 HZ Industrial Diesel Generator

    A worldwide force in power solutions since 1920, KOHLER produces complete power systems. Including generators (portable, marine, residential, commercial, and industrial), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and accessories for emergency, prime power, and energy-management applications. The company is committed to reliable, leading-edge power-generation products as well as comprehensive after-sale support.

    Kohler started manufacturing generators after World War I to address the need for electricity in rural areas. Some generators provided enough current to charge a battery bank. But, Kohler Automatic Power & Light power plant provided 110 volts of power and could start automatically when power was needed and shut itself down when it was not.

    The industrial generator has different purposes during business operations and has become necessary at the time of a power failure. One of the best brands to consider is a portable Kohler diesel generator.


    Top Reasons to Consider a Kohler Generator


    Kohler Produces High-Quality Generators

    Their generators go through an extensive quality process. Generators are tested for performance and efficiency before going to the end user. They are committed to creating sturdy, tough, and high-quality generators. Power Systems West provides Kohler diesel generators. Our team can help you in selecting the best choice suited to your needs.


    Kohler Products Have Long Lifespans

    Kohler diesel generators can last from 15,000 to 50,000 hours before needing servicing. Ultimately, the life expectancy of a generator will depend on factors such as generator size and preventive maintenance practices.


    A Kohler Generator is a Great Choice to Reduce Stoppage in Your Everyday Business Processes

    Since stoppage time is reduced during an outage, productivity in business can be increased. Kohler is the best choice if you prefer a high-work capacity generator.


    Kohler Industrial Diesel Generators are Robust

    You can choose from a variety of generators depending on your requirements and budget. We offer installation, start-up, and fuel hookup of Kohler generator sets.


    Here are Additional Advantages to Buying a Kohler Generator

    • Electricity from Kohler is reliable since they are at the front of regulating frequency and voltage.
    • Kohler technology provides more power than other brands.
    • Their generators are generally silent and automatically respond to outages.
    • They can be installed outside and hooked up to a natural gas or propane tank, reducing the frequency by which they need to be refueled.

    When you buy a Kohler diesel backup power generator or genset, you know you are getting a product you can trust. The Kohler brand is equal to the word “confidence.” They are built for businesses of all sizes. When the lights turn off for any reason, electricity stays on, and businesses can continue to operate without pause. It’s really rare to find a business that can work without power. The loss of power, even if for a short period, can result in substantial financial loss and extreme inconvenience. Hospitals, malls, nursing homes, industrial plants, offices, and all types of commercial organizations can rely on Kohler.

    Kohler generators are available in numerous configurations. Their gensets provide voltage recovery that can immediately restore power once an outage strikes. In 2016, Kohler unveiled an all-new variety of large diesel industrial generators. The new line will eventually grow to encompass generators as large as 4000 kW. Targeted industries include data centers, health care, water treatment, oil and gas, telecommunications, mining, and more. Products are designed for high ambient temperature situations.

    All Kohler KD Series large diesel industrial generators conform to stringent limits on nitrogen oxides (NOx). Kohler was able to meet this requirement without using exhaust after treatment by using the KD Series’ technologically advanced engine and fuel system. The KD Series is built to support power interruptions in hospitals, gas stations, data centers, and airports. The engines run smoothly, quietly, and with low vibration because of their low noise combustion and optimized combustion pressure.

    The series turbochargers are equipped to provide the optimal quantity of air to reach maximum power and reduce fuel use. Lube points, coolant level, and oil replenishment systems ensure the generator runs well and can be easily maintained.


    Here are Some Features of The Kohler KD2000, 60 HZ Industrial Diesel Generator



    • KOHLER Co. provides one-source responsibility for the generating systems and accessories.
    • The KOHLER Diesel Powered generator set and its components are prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested.
    • The 60 Hz generator set offers a UL 2200 listing.
    • The 60 Hz generator set meets NFPA 110, Level1 when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards.
    • A three-year limited warranty covers all systems and components. Five- and ten-year extended warranties are also available.



    • Controllers are available for all applications.
    • The low coolant level shutdown prevents overheating (standard on radiator models only).
    • An electronic, isochronous governor delivers precise frequency regulation.
    • Multiple circuit breaker configurations.
    • 186 mph wind load rating on the sound aluminum enclosure.



    • The pilot-excited, permanent-magnet (PM) alternator provides superior short-circuit capability.
    • NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI standards compliance for temperature rise and motor starting.
    • Sustained short-circuit current of up to 300% of the rated current for up to 10 seconds and enables downstream
    • circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field.
    • Self-ventilated and drip-proof construction.
    • Brushless alternator with brushless pilot exciter for excellent load response.

    Power Systems West specializes in sales, service, and parts distribution of industrial power products with service centers in five Western states. Our Kohler diesel generator sets are created by global standards – high efficiency, low fuel emission, and international emission compliance. Our commercial and industrial generators have different options to meet your power needs. Our customers include sectors in the utilities, telecommunications, hospitals, and data centers. Industrial sectors like construction, agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, and others rely on our services to meet their emergency power requirements.

    Power Systems West is now the only authorized distributor and service provider for Kohler Industrial Generators throughout Alaska. We have a proven track record of providing dependable round-the-clock service since 1955. We have experience in maintaining critical backup systems in remote cell towers and airports.

    We are an authorized KOHLER generator distributor. We also carry a wide selection of parts. Contact us today to get a quote.

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