Power Systems West Supports Tunnel to Towers Smart Home Program

Power Systems West Supports Tunnel to Towers Smart Home Program

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Date: Monday, July 19th, 2021

Power Systems West Supports Tunnel to Towers Smart Home Program


As president of Power Systems West, Brad Lyons is well aware of his company’s mission: provide backup power solutions across seven Western states. This includes supporting mission critical operations like hospitals, airports, data centers, and cell towers. All necessary pieces of America’s emergency power and communications infrastructure.

For instance, Power Systems West services remote cell towers for AT&T’s FirstNET, a high-speed, wireless broadband network that prioritizes first responder communications during emergencies.

Power Systems West also distributes and services residential generators used for primary homes, vacation homes, resorts and cabins. So, when Brad heard about a special residential generator project from associate and friend, Christopher Styles, President and CEO of Morley-Murphy Company and Total Energy Systems, LLC, he wanted Power Systems West to be a part of it.

Chris Styles’ company had worked with an organization called the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to taking care of first responders and military heroes who risk life and limb in the line of duty. Tunnel to Towers was in the process of building and delivering 450 homes mortgage-free to injured veterans and first responders through their Smart Home Program by the end of 2021. Chris had arranged to have a Kohler generator provided for a Tunnel To Towers Smart Home. “When Tunnel to Towers reached out with a project out West, I reached out to Brad Lyons with the details and the program,” says Styles.

Brad had this to say, “I was happy to learn how other Kohler Power Distributors had supported the Tunnel to Towers Smart Home Program from Chris. I was also proud to be able to join our fellow distribution partners in support of a veteran who had suffered a life-changing injury while on duty. Many of our employees are veterans or family members of veterans and we greatly appreciate their service to our country.” Lyons went on to say, “in addition, the weather conditions in a place like Montana can be extreme, and back-up power is essential when you are relying on electricity to power special accommodations such as automated doors and lifts and cabinets and counters with variable height adjustment in addition to HVAC, water heater and lighting.” stated Lyons.

Brad contacted Frank Maestrone, Construction Purchasing & Service Coordinator for Tunnel to Towers, and offered Power Systems West’s support.

Tunnel to Towers Foundation was building a Smart Home for Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Austin Reese and his family in Whitefish, Montana, part of Power Systems West’s distribution and service area for Kohler generators. CPO Reese served 13 years with the Navy as a Senior Chief Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician which included three deployments to Iraq. He also served as a freefall skydiving instructor. During a routine jump, CPO Reese hit the ground at 65 mph. He was left partially paralyzed and unable to walk.

Each year, Power Systems West sets aside money into an asset account called the Care Fund. The Care Fund is maintained for family emergencies, health issues, hardships or other worthy community causes employees wish to advocate for. In this case our Care Fund was used to purchase a Kohler generator for the Reese home.

Because, Power Systems West is an authorized Kohler distributor, the team was able to expedite the delivery of a Kohler 20RCA 20kw, propane-powered residential generator with an automatic transfer switch.

The Kohler 20RCA generator is designed to turn on immediately when the transfer switch senses that utility power to the home has been lost or incoming voltage is unstable. The Kohler 20RCA has the capability run the home’s electrical systems. In addition to the electrical systems critical to CPO Reese’s special needs such as lifts and doors, the Kohler 20RCA will provide power for the entire family’s comfort including thermostat, communications, security and other smartphone and iPad home systems. Once power to the Reese home returns or voltage stabilizes, the transfer switch will signal the Kohler generator to turn off.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation Smart Home Program dedicated the Reese Family home on July 1, 2021 by turning the keys over to Austin, his wife, and their children. “I have a budget for building these homes for veterans, but when partners like Power Systems West donate time and materials, I am able to take that money and put it into the next home for a disabled veteran.” says, John Ponte, Senior Director, Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Brad Lyons is glad that Power Systems West could help. “When we can make a difference for someone like Austin and his family who have made a tremendous sacrifice for our country, there’s no better feeling.”

On September 11, 2001, New York firefighter Stephen Siller laid down his life to save others. For 20 years, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation has honored Stephen’s heroic legacy by taking care of the first responders and military heroes who continue to risk life and limb in the line of duty.

Since 1955, Power Systems West has grown their network of parts and service centers, certified technicians, and more than 200 dealers to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective backup power for your home or business.

Power Systems West is an authorized Kohler distributor, and that means they offer total system integration. From diesel and gaseous generators to transfer switches, switchgear, controls and all related accessories, they ensure every part of your power system is engineered to work together. Whether you own a small business, have rental needs or are in charge of backup power for a large facility, such as a hospital, data center or water treatment plant, KOHLER generators has you covered. Even after your KOHLER Power system is installed, look to Power Systems West for all your service, parts and maintenance needs.

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