Kohler Dealers Added in Alaska: High Standard Power Systems and Alaska Prime Power

Kohler Dealers Added in Alaska: High Standard Power Systems and Alaska Prime Power

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Date: Monday, December 13th, 2021

Kohler Dealers Added in Alaska: High Standard Power Systems and Alaska Prime Power


Recently, Power Systems West was approached about expanding our Kohler Power Distribution agreement to include coverage in Alaska. Kohler Industrial Generators are a reliable product used to back-up critical infrastructure. With that being said, the application design, installation and on-going maintenance is key to ensuring this product works as expected when needed.

Power Systems West believes the application engineering and installation support are key to the longevity of the product and ensuring it meets the customer’s needs. We also know that aftermarket technical support, parts and service is a 24/7 operation for Kohler Power.

We carefully considered whether to add Alaska into our western territory knowing that it would be challenging to offer the same level of support that we do in the rest of our Kohler territory. Our lower 48 Kohler territory includes: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon. Ultimately, the decision was made that if we could find good partners to help support us in Alaska we would add this territory.

Our leadership was passionate that we would need native partners local to Alaska that knew the terrain, the logistical obstacles and had a good understanding of the communities needs. Power Systems West believes in being a trusted partner to our customers and without a local presence we felt we would struggle to meet the needs of the territory.

Our leadership team of: Brad Lyons – President; Eric Bender – General Manager of Parts & Service and Kevin Lee – General Manager of Generator Sales, researched carefully who would be the best partners in Alaska to add as Dealers.

After careful consideration Power Systems West has chosen High Standard Power Systems and Alaska Prime Power to be in place as Kohler Industrial Generator and Service Dealers. Both Dealers have strong understanding of the market and a wealth of service experience on their respective teams.

Clint Stark, of Alaska Prime Power has been servicing generators for over 30 years. His team has extensive service capabilities. Alaska Prime Power has been involved in countless FAA start-ups around Alaska for many years and they are highly qualified to perform generator service, product installation start-ups and consult on installation design.

High Standard Power Systems is a newly formed industrial generator provider in Anchorage. The company while new, has a vast amount of industry experience on their team. This team has been providing power generation system solutions and service to Alaska over the last two decades. Nick Graves, Sales Manager for High Standard Power Systems has 20 years of industry experience. Nick worked previously for Pacific Power Group, NC Power Systems and Cummins Northwest. He started his career as a technician in the power generation industry and has spent his entire career servicing the Alaska power generation market.

Recently, PSW leadership was able to visit in person with their newly selected Dealers to begin to establish trust and support to this well-equipped team. Our leadership traveled to Anchorage and visited both High Standard Power Systems and Alaska Prime Power. Needless to say we were impressed with their knowledge and commitment to this growing market. Nick Graves was gracious enough to take our team halibut fishing off the coast of Whittier, Alaska in the Prince William Sound. It was an exciting experience and gave us a full day on the water to discuss business, territory, critical needs and technical support. We are excited to enter into the Distribution of Alaska with these Dealers selections.

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