Five Reasons to use a Kohler Factory Engineered and Tested Enclosure

Five Reasons to Use a Kohler Factory Engineered and Tested Enclosure

Date: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

There’s a well-known saying heard often in the design and engineering world. Form follows function. So why would someone choose an aftermarket generator enclosure over one designed specifically for that make and model of generator? Here are five reasons why you should use a Kohler enclosure that was formed to function optimally with your Kohler generator.

Sound Testing Aligned to Engine Specifications

Meeting project sound level requirements is a critical part of enclosure design. Sound level is determined by local codes and often measured at the property line. The challenge with an aftermarket enclosure is addressing the unknowns. An engine’s raw sound data is typically known, but the enclosure sound attenuation is estimated based on the known properties of the attenuating materials separate of the engine’s sound data.

A Kohler factory enclosure is engineered and tested to align with the engine’s specifications. The sound level is measured and there are no safety factors required. There is also no additional cost for sound attenuation testing or increased overall dimensions.

Custom Sizing

Aftermarket enclosures are often built using a standard design. Generator size, airflow, and project sound requirements may require design tweaking to accommodate the engine specifications.

Factory enclosures are custom designed to the specific generator which gives greater attention to louver sizing, customized exhaust layout, and service clearances. The goal is to minimize overall enclosure dimensions.

Nathan Brahm, a senior application engineer with Power Systems West shares a common problem found in the field. “One of the biggest challenges we run into is fitting a generator into the space allocated at the jobsite. Reducing the size often allows the generator to fit in the allocated space without requiring the architect to redesign the generator yard.”

Ease of Installation Ensuring Scheduling Commitments

Challenges with aftermarket enclosures include the equipment being delivered onsite without clear assembly directions or trained personnel to supervise or arriving with external damage. Damaged enclosures are often rejected at the jobsite and returned to the manufacturer for repair which can significantly impact scheduling.

Kohler factory enclosures are built on a modular design that allows the equipment to be received and installed at the site ensuring the project stays on schedule.

Kohler factory enclosures are supported by installation documentation, factory trained technicians, authorized factory parts, and a Kohler warranty.

Transportation Cost Savings

Transportation adds significant costs and unknowns to project expenses and is often a moving target. Many large generators are over height, width and weight. Some require special routes and escorts. This all adds to the project cost and complexity. Breaking the package down for transportation and ease of reassembly onsite is key.

Seismic and Wind Rating

Third party enclosures require project specific calculations to verify structural integrity for seismic and wind loading. Kohler enclosures are factory tested and certified for seismic and wind ratings that meet the requirements of your Kohler generator. Seismic events and storms are the most likely times when you are going to rely on your backup power system to perform. Make sure that you have your Kohler generator protected with a Kohler enclosure

To learn more about Kohler enclosures check out this video on Kohler’s new eFrame systems and read our blog about No more third-party enclosures for Kohler KD’s.

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