4 Reasons to Choose a Kohler Generator

4 Reasons to Choose a Kohler Generator

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Date: December 1st, 2022

Losing power at home can leave you feeling helpless. You won’t have the means to stay warm or cool, depending on the season. There will be no warm meals, a bath, or a hot shower. Your food will spoil, no battery on mobile phones, and no internet. Having a generator ensures that a power outage will have no place in your life at home.

A lot of regions in the US undergo major natural disasters annually, so residents need to be prepared. Having a powerful backup generator will ensure your property will have adequate electricity until power is turned back on. It can be useful as well for farm usage. You’ll be able to maintain the required power to keep operations moving.

Kohler built the first modern-day generator in 1920. It was created to power plumbing products. Kohler Automatic Power and Light provided instant electricity to homes, boats, and businesses globally. Kohler generators powered the revolving light beacons across America for night mail delivery in 1925.

In 1929, they joined Admiral Richard Byrd’s expedition to the South Pole. They were the main source of power in subzero temperatures. The same year, Kohler generators were installed in Hollywood sound trucks to support cameras and sound recording equipment.


Kohler is a subsidiary of Kohler Company located in Kohler, Wisconsin. It is a big name in commercial, residential, and industrial power needs. Its wide range of products is geared toward homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. Kohler is a global company with plants worldwide.

2020 was Kohler’s 100th year in the power business. To celebrate, they have released the KD series generators of up to 4,000kW. These generators are designed to last for decades, with better fuel economy and a smaller footprint than ever before.


Why Choose a Kohler Generator?


1. Kohler manufactures high-quality generators

These generators pass high-quality testing throughout the production process. They undergo hundreds of performance trials. They also undergo performance and efficiency tests before reaching the end users. The Kohler brand equates to strong, durable, and high-quality generators. Every part of the generator is examined, even its bolts.

A Kohler generator automatically exercises itself and runs diagnostic tests for 20 minutes weekly to make sure it’s ready when it’s time. It is quiet, with sound levels similar to an air conditioner.

Power Systems West provides Kohler generators. Our team can help you in selecting the best generator that will suit your needs. They have more than 60 models ranging from 8.5 to 3250kW that you can choose from.

Kohler generators come in a variety of sizes. There are small to medium-sized standby generators. A 7-11kW generator can power basic circuits in your home, like your refrigerator, sump pump, and garage door. It mainly supports the essentials and is ideal for small homes. A medium-sized generator can power your essential circuits like your living room outlets, indoor lights, and your alarm system.

Large-scale generators are for big homes and commercial use. A 20kw generator is the best fit. It can power several large air conditioners, water heaters, and a good pump. It can maintain all household operations, including outdoor lights and your entire electrical panel.


2. Kohler generators have prolonged lifespans

They have commercial-grade engines that are built to perform heavy workloads for a prolonged period. They are built to monitor while connected to utility power. They automatically start once the main power goes out. They have received several awards because of these features, like the Most Valuable Product (MVP) Award in 2010 by Building Products Magazine.

Your generator comes with a premium warranty. You get a five-year, 2,000-hour protection with a corrosion-proof enclosure. You have the option to buy extended limited warranties, which cover parts, labor, and dealer travel for up to 10 years.


3. A Kohler generator is a great option to decrease downtime in your everyday business operations

You can increase the productivity of your business even during an outage. Kohler has a high work capacity, making it the number one choice of different enterprises. Its auto-power transfer ensures that your HVAC, security systems, and appliances will be powered-up during an outage. They automatically power all of these in just 10 seconds, all at the same time.

Aside from wattage, peak motor starting is an important criterion when choosing a generator. Large appliances like your air conditioner and refrigerator need a sharp increase in power when starting. Kohler generators handle those load demands with high motor starting ratings. Its PowerBoost Technology enables Kohler generators to handle large starting loads without dropping power to other appliances.

Kohler generators come with remote monitoring. You can conveniently monitor your generator away from home. You can have real-time power status. You can manage the entire system: the automatic transfer switch, the Load Control Module, and other technical parts from your phone. Kohler does not charge an additional payment for these remote perks.


4. Kohler generators are trusted

Hospitals, data centers, power plants, and even the National Weather Service use Kohler generators. It is a trusted name in production for its excellent service and reliability during power outages. Power Systems West provides different Kohler gensets, which you can choose based on your preference and budget. We also assist in installation, start-up, and fuel hook-up.

They are the lifeline of industrial organizations since they can ensure employee safety and keep businesses running even during an outage. They have become an indispensable part of business operations.

At home, a Kohler backup generator is permanently installed outside. It comes on automatically once the power goes out, even when you’re home or not. It runs on liquid propane or natural gas, which does not need manual refilling. You don’t need extension cords. Within seconds of a power outage, your generator will turn on. This provides you with uninterrupted power in your home.

Power Systems West can help support your generator needs with Kohler products. Our Kohler products come in different models offering various fuel options, housing, and prime or standby configurations depending on your needs. Explore our selection of Kohler products here.

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