Marine Generators

Power Systems West is the Authorized Distributor for KOHLER® marine generators in the States of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

The following features make KOHLER® marine generators the best choice for commercial craft and pleasure boats.

Always Present, Never Noticed

KOHLER® marine generators are smaller. Quieter. With less vibration.* In other words, you won’t notice our generators, and that makes all the difference.

Smaller Footprint*

Our overall footprint is up to 16” shorter, for more power density in a smaller package.* That makes it easier to install and repower – it fits into smaller applications where other generators can’t.

Quieter Performance

Our redesigned sound shield (with separate engine and alternator compartments) and our improved air- management system significantly reduce sound levels.

Less Vibration

Our proprietary vibration mount cushions the engine as it moves, to eliminate vibration. It’s what separates our marine generators from the rest of the world’s.

Kohler Accessory Chart for Portable Generators

Kohler Commercial Marine Generators

Commercial Marine Generators

When it comes to a boat’s generator, reliability is the only thing that matters out on the water. For nearly 100 years, Kohler has built some of the best commercial generators you can find on a boat. Every weld, wire and circuit has been carefully crafted and installed. If a KOHLER craftsmen has touched it, it is going to work.

The First and Only Single-Source Generator Paralleling System

Kohler created the world’s first commercial marine generators with factory installed, pretested paralleling controllers and automatic voltage regulators.* Everything is automatic and easier to use than ever before.

Instant Auto Transfer/Paralleling

All Decision-Maker® 3500 controllers are equipped with auto-transfer functionality. When the first generator’s load is light, the second generator automatically drops off. When the load is heavy, the second generator automatically comes online to provide the power needed to carry the load. Or if one generator is in trouble, the second generator senses the problem, starts up and takes the load automatically.


The Decision-Maker 3500 is compatible with existing systems, so repowers are easier than ever. When wired for V-bias/ S-bias inputs or droop, it can parallel with existing load-share modules for even more installation options.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and control your generators from your boat’s existing monitoring system. Or enjoy a more comprehensive experience with generator-specific monitors from Kohler.

Proper Engine Combustion

Our electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel system provides just the right amount of fuel at just the right time.

Corrosion and Vibration Protection

Fully potted circuit boards and sealed connectors protect the controller and alternator from marine environmental conditions and heavy vibration.


Nearly every component is designed, built and serviced by Kohler. Just the way it should be.

*Patents pending and certifications granted